Bringing together everything a player, coach and club need to excel and enjoy the game we all love.

What We Do

We use our playing passion, coaching experience and development knowledge to bring together everything a player, coach and club need to excel and enjoy the game we all love.

For players

Encouraging every player to enjoy their rugby and make the most of their talents.

Individual player development

We help players focus and improve aspects of their game and market themselves with their own video reels.

Team coaching

We provide qualified coaches for school, university and club teams - from seven year olds to seniors - building their confidence, improving performance and participation and creating a lifelong love of the game.

Skills coaching

We provide specialist coaches to develop and improve players' specialist positional skills and technical execution.

Skill & Athletic development courses

Our team of experienced coaches will be focusing on the individual parts of your athletic makeup. This will range from technical and tactical skills but also functional movement skills, speed and conditioning.

For coaches

Supporting coaches to gain the skills and behaviours to improve themselves and their teams.

Coaching support

We work alongside current coaches, teachers and Heads of Sport in a number of different capacities from mentoring and technical advice to being an extra pair of hands on the field.

Coaching qualifications and accreditation

We are qualified RFU accreditors and can help coaches take the next step to develop their knowledge and skills through a range of courses and CPD modules.

Coach and Referee education

We can offer a variety of workshops for coaches and referees to help them develop what they deliver. Services include individual observation and mentoring, small group (up to 12 attendees) workshops and larger group seminars. To enquire please get in touch.

For clubs

Video analysis and statistics

We also supply high quality video analysis and statistics on key aspects of your overall game with what is fast becoming an increasingly essential tool in player education and improving team performance.


MyPlayerBase is our online platform dedicated to help clubs find the right players at every level of the game.


We have a number of current top level coaches to organise masterclasses for your players. Subject matters include:


  • The Scrum
  • Throwing
  • Goal kicking
  • 7's play
  • Plus more...


  • The scrum
  • The breakdown
  • Managing the game
  • Technical referee skills
  • Plus more...