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We never intended to become a kit manufacturer. However, when we couldn't get access to high quality kit delivered on time we set out to see if we could do it better.

So we have put together a comprehensive range of items that can transform how your team and club look. We really believe in the adage: 'Look good, feel good, play good!' Players want kit, more is more, less is less.

All of our fabrics have been hand picked by us, to reflect what we valued as players. The fit, the feel, the look and the performance is of paramount important to us. We work with our partners to find the best solution for them. We don't promise the world, but we do promise to be honest with you at every stage.

The D-Belt Training Aid

The D-Belt is a versatile training aid, designed to help improve your team's defensive structure, using visual and physical cues to identify poor alignment and reactions.

It can also help improve attacking running lines and comes with a guide explaining a number of different drills to enhance your training sessions.

The D—Belt can be purchased from RAM Rugby and Rhino Rugby.

See the D-Belt in action